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The Answer: "What Is a Cat?"


The show was “Jeopardy.” The day was last Friday. The category was “Remember Bookstores?” The answer was:

“A common sight in small bookstores is an in-house one of these animals, like the late Silas at A Novel Idea in Lincoln, Nebraska.”

And the question: “What is a cat?” [readon]

Silas in the window of the bookstore Novel Idea

If he’d been watching the show from his favorite bookshelf in kitty heaven, Silas would have been proud. He died in 2009, after spending most of his life at the Novel Idea, a bookstore in Lincoln, Nebraska, where he’d been named the Number One bookstore cat by the trivia site MentalFloss-com.

“It goes to show you that Silas is still our most popular staff member, even in the afterlife,” said Cinnamon Dokken, the owner of Novel Idea.

Silas’s place has been taken by Eddy and Padric.