A new relationship with animals, nature and each other.

From the Bantu Creation Myth

It is said that more than a thousand times ten years went by
In which there was peace on this virgin Earth.
Peace in the sky,
Peace on the forest-veiled plains,
On the scented valleys and timeless hills. [readon]

There was none of this savage
And wanton destruction of Life
Such as men today indulge in
To gratify their warped and evil souls.

Man against man forged no evil spear
With secret and murderous intent.

There were no such things as anger and hate
And nothing if “this is mine and that is yours.”
No contention and rivalry.

Man breathed peace on the cheek of his brother men.
Man walked in peace without fear of wild beasts
Who in turn had no reason to fear him.

Men in those days did not suffer
From our emotional curses.

From the Bantu Creation Myth, recounted by Visamazulu Credo Mutwa in his book “Indaba My Children – African Folk Tales.”