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The Star that Outshines The Sun

When you’ve had so much bad publicity that people are saying you may not even be able to open your doors to the public again, you’ll probably be grateful for an endorsement from a cheap tabloid … which is why Marineland, one of the world’s shabbiest marine zoos, is crowing over its endorsement from the Toronto Sun, one of the world’s shabbiest tabloids. [readon]

On its website, Marineland writes:

We were all deeply touched to learn that the Toronto Sun readers had chosen Marineland as one of Ontario’s favourite destinations!  It is quite an honour!

Marineland goes on to tell readers how “happy” the animals are.

We have college researchers here who are studying our beautiful belugas. What they learn may someday be of great benefit to belugas everywhere.

That’s unlikely. What we actually learned from the belugas this year was through a series of investigative reports by a real newspaper, the Toronto Star, which told of the shocking absence of care and oversight of the belugas and other animals at this dreadful place.

The again, the kind of reporting on which the Toronto Sun truly prides itself its daily Sunshine Girl.

Not that being a tabloid always means you don’t care about the animals. One of the U.K.’s top tabloids, The Daily Mail, covers real news about animals from all over the world – like this one about Marineland. It’s one of the best news sources for anything to do with animals of all kinds.

But when it comes to the Toronto Sun, and the fawning gratitude it gets from Marineland, it’s paws-down all the way to the bottom of its dirty pools.