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Dolphin Asks Human Divers for Help

injured- dolphin-gets-help-2-012313You’ve probably seen or heard about the dolphin who approached some divers off the coast of Kona, Hawaii, all tangled up in a fishing line and with a hook through her fin, clearly asking for help as she circled around them.

Then she approached one of the divers, Keller Laros, and positioned herself in a way that would help him remove the fishing line.  She waited patiently while Laros cut the line, rolling over when necessary.

At one point she swam to the surface to take a breath before coming back so that Laros and his colleagues could finish the job.

When she was completely free, the dolphin calmly swam away.

Here’s the full video the divers took:

It’s delightful and touching and all that, but it also makes you think about the whole relationship between humans and dolphins – the good things we’ve done together, and the terrible things we still do to them.

Imagine a world where we only did the good things.