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Fortunate Is Luckiest Cat


How many lives did a homeless kitty use up when she plunged 80 feet from the top of a tree in Rochester, Mass.?

Fortunate, as she’s now been named, had been stuck high up in a tree for at least a week before firefighters decided to cut the branch on which she was perched. When she landed on the ground, Fortunate just ran off, and it was another two days before she was humanely trapped by Pam Robinson of the It’s All About the Animals shelter and taken to the Marion Animal Hospital.

“I don’t see anything wrong with this cat; it’s unbelievable,” veterinarian Dr. Rachel Francis said when she examined Fortunate.

Fortunate will be staying at the hospital and then the shelter until she’s put on some weight and is feeling ready to be adopted into a good new home with a loving family.

But Robinson is going to need to be sure that any new home has good kitty security. The folks at the hospital say this kitty is a superb escape artist.