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Muslim Couple Care for ‘Impure’ Dogs


In Malaysia, as in most of the Muslim world, dogs are considered impure. So, too, then, are people who rescue them and look after them.

But Pak Mie and his wife, Mak Intan, have saved more than 600 homeless pets from dog pounds and from the streets. And now there’s a short documentary about their work and their sanctuary, about five hours drive from Kuala Lumpur.

The video says it all, so here it is. And if it doesn’t display properly for you below, just watch it here on Vimeo.

These good people are now being pressed by local authorities to relocate their sanctuary by May of this year. Right now Pak Mie sleeps in his car parked outside the shelter just to make sure that no one harms the animals during the night.

The sanctuary, managed entirely by the couple and their son, can use all the help it can get, including donations, which you can make through their blog or Facebook page. The blog is not in English, but it’s easy to donate there through PayPal. There are also more videos as you scroll through the blog page.