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Pig ‘Rescues’ Goat? Not Quite.

pig-goat-video-022713It really looked too cutesy to be true. Now we learn that the hugely viral video of a baby pig “rescuing” his friend the baby goat at a petting zoo last September was a Comedy Central prank, swallowed unquestioningly by the mass media.

Not, incidentally, by us here. Honestly, could anyone really look at this and think it was authentic?

Now Comedy Central tells the whole story as a promo for one of its new shows:

So the breathless media (including NBC’s Nightly News, ABC’s Good Morning America, Fox’s Fox & Friends) will once again have to figure out how to explain that their supposed investigative skills had eluded them.

The fact is, much of what you see on TV news (especially local TV news)  is manufactured and packaged by PR companies who have something to promote.  At least Comedy Central shows us how it’s done.

Now, back to the moon landing . . .