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Great Apes in the Mist

craig-stanford-chimp-030613KCET interviews great ape researcher Craig Stanford about the demise of our closest cousins in the wild.

Stanford explains why all the great apes will be extinct within a few decades unless action is taken right now. He says that such action is entirely practical, but there’s no sign, right now, that it’s about to be taken.

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The interview begins at the 13-minute point of this 26-minute show.

After the interview, KCET reprises the very touching video of British conservationist Damian Aspinall paying a visit to gorilla Kwibi five years after he released Kwibi into the forest in Africa. Aspinall, who’s well-known for his commitment to shutting down zoos, is on a mission to release more gorillas into the wild, and as he journeys back to the forest he wonders if Kwibi will recognize his voice and perhaps come out to meet him: