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Ringling Circus Plans NYC Elephant Dance

The “Elephant Walk” through the Queens Midtown Tunnel in 2010

When the Ringling/Barnum circus comes to New York City tomorrow, it will open with an “Elephant Dance Party”. According to The Gothamist:

Earlier today we were told by a Ringling rep that “the elephant walk for Brooklyn… is going to be an Elephant Dance Party with the elephants and performers, as well as Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz.” It will take place under the Brooklyn Bridge. The rep would not elaborate on what exactly an elephant dance party entails.”

Last year, when the Ringling circus came to New York, the elephants were paraded in the evening through the Queens toll plaza in Long Island City and on through Queens Midtown Tunnel to Manhattan where they “performed” at Madison Square Garden.


And here’s a shot from the Elephant Walk from March 2010, when the animals were paraded along 34th Street and down 7th Avenue to Madison Square Garden:

Elephant Walk

A distressing 5-minute video, captured by PETA, shows how the elephants are “trained” for this kind of entertainment. It is graphic, as is the language the “trainers” use to insult the elephants as they beat them:

What you can do: Don ‘t buy a ticket, and stay away from all “entertainment” that involves captive animals.