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Ex-RSPCA Officer Hanged Herself


A former inspector for the British Royal SPCA, who blew the whistle on how many dogs are routinely being killed by the animal charity, rather than being found good homes, was found hanged at her home in Somerset, England, on May 8th.

Last December, Dawn Aubrey-Ward said she’d left the organization after being forced to destroy healthy pets. The RSPCA called her a disgruntled employee. But they’d also given her an award for rescuing a baby lamb and praised her for all her good work in caring for animals.

In an interview with the Daily Mail last December, Aubrey-Ward said: “The RSPCA’s image was that they care for animals, prevent cruelty and help and advise people with animals. I was horrified when I learned we were going to have to put down healthy animals because we didn’t have room for them. It didn’t fit with their public image.”

In 2011, the RSPCA destroyed 44 percent of the homeless animals they took in – a total of about 53,000.

Last week, Aubrey-Ward wrote on Facebook: “That’s it, I give up. I am unemployed, broke, struggling and allegedly ‘damaged’.”

Shelter workers who are required to kill animals often end up depressed and burned out. Shelter directors who set the policies and are then faced with the simple fact that most of the homeless pets in their care could have been placed in good new homes often dig their toes in and refuse to change course. It can be difficult to accept that you have a whole lot of blood on your hands.