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Enough Already!

gorilla-zoo-062413One of the gorillas at the Dallas Zoo has finally had enough of a bunch of out-of-control kids yelling abuse at him through the glass.

This thoroughly dignified, captive individual keeps his cool as the children yell, beat their chests, and shout “You’re ugly!” at him.

But shouts of macho superiority turn to screams of terror when, from his perspective, the kids go over the line by pointing at him.

He bounds to the glass and puts his enormous palm against it as the children squeal and jump back. Then, having made his point, he simply turns his back, walks away, and proceeds to ignore them.

Just one question: Were the adult supervisors – parents or teachers – completely unconcerned about the level of disrespect being demonstrated?

Zoos like to pretend that they are “educational” institutions. At this particular “exhibit”, apparently, the only educator is the one being held captive.