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Millennials Going Sour on Vivisection

gallup-poll 06052013

A new Gallup Poll shows that medical testing on nonhuman animals is increasingly unpopular among the Millennial Generation. [readon]

Each year in May, Gallup conducts a Values and Beliefs poll, asking people how they view various cultural issues – from pornography to gambling to abortion to the use of nonhuman animals. This year’s poll shows that fewer Americans aged 18 to 34 consider vivisection to be morally acceptable.

In 2001 most Americans, regardless of age, held similar opinions – almost two in three felt that medical testing on animals was OK. Today, while roughly 61 percent of Americans aged 35 and above think vivisection OK, only 47 percent of the 18-34 age group share that view. And in 2012, it was even lower – just 42 percent of the Millennials.

Somewhat less encouraging is the fact that 58 percent of Millennials still think it’s OK to buy and wear fur, compared to 61 percent of Gen Xers and 59 percent of Boomers.

More details are here, along with poll results on various other issues that show Millennials driving more liberal attitudes to various cultural issues.