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The Other Stone Henge

The Avebury henge, by Gregg Parker.

This is the Avebury Stone Circle, which surrounds the village of Avebury, near Stonehenge in southwest England. Built nearly 3,000 years ago, it consists of a large stone circle as well as two smaller circles. Unlike nearby Stonehenge, however, there’s no obvious alignment of the stones (sandstone blocks) with the position of the mid-summer sun. [readon]

Less well-known than Stonehenge, the Avebury circle is huge by comparison. The outer circle has a diameter of over 1,000 feet. Plus, unlike Stonehenge, you can actually walk up and touch the stones.


This second photo shows one of the Avebury stones. The biggest of them weigh over 40 tons and are 14 feet high.

Info and photos from Earth Science Picture of the Day.