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Top Wildlife Photos

A Bottlenose dolphin surfs the tunnel of a giant wave. “In the Living Room” by George Karbus is the winner of this year’s British Wildlife Photography Awards. As he describes the scene:

“I encountered this playful dolphin who started to surf the deep tube inside the waves. Each time the dolphin got into the wave, I dived underneath, held my breath and waited for the moment when he would swish through a silver barrel close enough to my lens. Water visibility is always very limited in Ireland, and I was very lucky to get a shot like this.”

Some of the other honors:


“The Three Stooges” by Richard Peters was one of the winners in the Animal Portraits category.

“Deadly Rivals” by Robin Orrow was the winner of the “Animal Behavior category.

“Life in the Old Boot” by Simon Roy took one of the honors in the Urban Wildlife category.

“Enchanted Wood” by Jean Macdonald was a winner in the Wild Woods category.

“Honeybee” by 11-year-old Sammy Lightfoot was high commended in the Under 12 category.

You can see the full collection here.