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Doggie Driver Tale with a Twist

OK, we’ve all heard the one about the dog sitting in the car in the parking lot who climbs into the driver’s seat and off we go.

This one is a little more macabre:

Christopher Bishop is at home, near Tampa, Florida, fixing his truck. The engine is on, the gear is in neutral, the driver’s-side door is open, and Chris is under the truck, checking for oil leaks.

Tassey the dog, a pit-bull mix, wanders out, sees the door open, and hops in. He pops the gear lever into reverse, and off we go.

The truck rolls over Chris’s side. He’s not badly hurt, and manages to get to truck, jumps in next to Tassey and it before it crashes into a fence.

It’s another six hours before Chris calls for help. “I don’t like doctors,” he tells the local newspaper, Hernando Today. Happily, the doctors at the Pasco Regional Hospital like Chris enough to fix him up anyway and send him home.

Or maybe they were concerned that if he was hurt too badly, Tassey wouldn’t get his dinner on time.