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Something Fishy in This Musical Tale

Jor Jor plays the glockenspiel. Handbells, too.

Her favorite song: Barbara Streisand singing Moon River.

Diane Rains, Jor Jor’s person, says the goldfish listens for her favorite moments in the tune and then joins in.

“She listens in closely, and at precisely the right time,” says Diane. “She will play her bells or chimes for a few seconds, and then swim off satisfied. Moon River has an instrumental intro, and then Streisand comes in. Jor Jor listens for several bars, then just before the vocals begin, exactly on the beat, she rings her F bell once.”

Diane admits that Jor Jor has had some training, but only of the positive kind. She gets a treat when she hits the right note.

Then again, we may wonder, who’s been training whom?