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Kitten Survives Minnesota Tornado

The entire litter had been swept up in the air and then dropped from the sky. Her litter mates were found in nearby trees … they hadn’t made it.

But this one tiny kitten, now called Spinner, was found stuck to a broken piece of board, plastered with mud.

“She couldn’t move and she couldn’t meow,” Dr. Dan Smith told the Albert Lea Tribune. She also had a broken leg. Fortunately, no infection had set in, and Dr. Smith was able to repair. Spinner will be staying at the clinic for a few more weeks, and then she’ll be put up for adoption.

“She was a little something good to come out of all this,” the veterinarian said. He added that he’ll be screening homes carefully for this special kitty.

Spinner wasn’t the only cat or dog found injured after the tornado that plowed through this farming community. A family had found a pair of kittens in the parking lot of a shopping center. Dr. Smith said their injuries suggested that they, too, had been dropped from a height by the tornado. The kittens have been adopted by the family who found them.

Spinner photo by Photo by Geri McShane

Tornado photo by by Rev. Matthew L. Koscielski