A new relationship with animals, nature and each other.


The Gulf Between Us

The Gulf Between Us
Will this be a turning point?

The Man Who Saw It First
While the world was watching the volcano in Iceland, he was seeing a bigger disaster.

My Trip to the Gulf Coast
Trying to enlist as a volunteer.
1: Back to the Beach
2: The Wildlife Refuges
3: Last Try
4: The Scoop on Becoming a Volunteer

Rescuing the Hermit Crabs
Not just the ‘majestic’ animals.

BP’s “Promise”
What they said … (and when they said it).

The Nigerian Gulf
Out of sight, out of mind.

The Biggest Eco-Disaster?
Check out some others.

“A Gulf Lies Between Us”
The bigger gulf that we need to heal.

All Eyes on the Gulf
Hurricane Katrina volunteers reunite to help.

How You Can Help — Part One
An opportunity to make a real difference.

How You Can Help — Part Two
Thinking back to other crises.

The Last Word
Exchanging beauty for profit.