A new relationship with animals, nature and each other.

The Gulf Between Us

It’s become an emblem of the gulf between ourselves and the natural world — the oceans, the land, the creatures, the planet we call home.

Here on Zoe, we offer a few brief items to supplement your daily news coverage:

The story of the man who saw it first on the satellite service he’d created.

The “other” gulf catastrophe: The media aren’t there, and it’s far away, so little is ever said about it.

Some of the other man-made ecological disasters: Is this one really the worst?

The volunteers who are trying to help.

One man’s blog from the early days when he went down to help.

And some things you can do — perhaps the most important thing you can do — to help.

Is there a chance that some good will come of all this? That this huge tragedy will become a turning point in our relationship to the world of nature? That’s up to us.