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Seagull Comes to Dinner

Mr. Pooh arrived unexpectedly … he fell down the chimney.

The baby seagull landed in the fireplace of the Grimwood family in Sussex, England, covered in soot.

They took him up to the roof so his mother could find him – only to learn that he was an orphan. So they named him Mr. Pooh and looked after him.

The couple’s three cats were less than enthusiastic about the new arrival. The new arrival, by contrast, was enthusiastic about the kitties – and especially about cat food.

As soon as he grew up, Mr. Pooh flew the coop to do his seagull thing, setting up house with his gull girlfriend on the roof of the Grimwood’s home where he was born.

Everything is not completely normal, though. The grown-up gull has never lost his appetite for cat food: he shows up not just for dinner every day, but for breakfast and lunch, too.

Note: If you come across a baby bird, or any kind of wildlife needing help, call your local wildlife rehabilitation center. If you don’t know what that is, your local humane society can help. Wild animals need specialized care – which doesn’t always include cat food!