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Monkey Helps Blind Pair

The story began circulating in April: Two blind men at the RagiGudda Anjaneya Temple in Bangalore were trying to turn on the water tap to get something to drink.

When they couldn’t figure out how to operate the tap, a monkey who had been watching from some nearby trees came out and opened the tap for them. After they’d had a drink, she took some water herself, and then closed the tap and climbed back up her tree.

For thousands of years, monkeys have played an important role in the cultures and mythologies of the Indian people, illustrating the close connection between humans and other animals in their daily lives. In the ancient Hindi epic Ramayana, Hanuman is a mighty monkey who helps the hero, Lord Rama, in his expedition against the powers of evil. Hanuman is seen as a symbol of perseverance and devotion who can inspire people to deal with life’s troubles and obstacles.

Hanuman, as it happens, is the main deity or archetype of the temple where the monkey helped the blind men.