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Your Earliest Ancestor

Shortly before a giant asteroid smacked into the what is now Mexico’s Yucatan, 65 million years ago, setting off a firestorm, a nuclear winter and the demise of the dinosaurs, a tiny mammal, weighing just over an ounce, was racing up and down trees and staying out of the way. Today, one of her descendants is you.

Monkey Fights Back

A street performer gets a shock when one of his monkeys says, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not taking it anymore!” Then the monkey picks up a stick and starts to defend himself

Monkey Helps Blind Pair

Two blind men at a temple in India are trying to get something to drink. But they can’t see to operate the tap. A monkey, who’s been watching them, jumps down to help.

Chimps Outwit Humans

Chimps living in a rainforest have figured out how to deactivate traps set by bushmeat hunters. They actually go out looking for the traps, and carefully…

Visiting the Gorillas

When she’s not teaching psychology at Harvard University, Regina Yando, (her friends call her Sunny) takes off around the world with her husband, John, to see…