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Monkey Fights Back

Crowds laugh as he turns tables on his captor

A cruel street performer in China got a shock when the monkey he was whipping during a street demonstration got angry and fought back. Here’s how it unfolded, as described in the U.K.’s Daily Mail:

The man is having his monkeys put on a street-show in Nanchang, China. He signals to them to tell them what to do, but if they fail or make a mistake he takes a whip to them.

Eventually, one of the monkeys gets fed up with this treatment. He jumps up and starts pulling the man’s hair:

The man appears to be hurt and starts crying:

He then grabs his whip with his right hand, but the monkey grabs a stick:

And then it’s armed combat:

The onlookers laugh. Let’s hope the man learned a lesson and treats the animals a bit better from now on.