A new relationship with animals, nature and each other.

Nature on the Move

Need to Breed – Falkland Islands, Southern Atlantic Ocean: The black-browed albatross soars in on its 8-foot wingspan to mate on land, all under the hungry gaze of a predator bird, the striated caracara, who has waited through a brutal winter for this bounty of newly laid eggs, hatchlings and chicks. The mother albatross waits on land for the male to fly out to sea for a few days to feed and return to land, heavy with fish for his young chick. (Photo Credit: © NGT)


Born to Move – Christmas Island: Decimated by predators and dogged by the whims of the weather, each year 50 million red crabs scamper over jagged cliffs and sunbaked sands to the water’s edge – the spawning grounds. (Photo Credit: © NGT)


Born to Move – Michoacan, Mexico: No single monarch butterfly completes its migration from Mexico to as far north as Canada and back. Instead, generations of monarchs make this journey – born into a relay race no one butterfly finishes. (Photo Credit: © NGT)