A new relationship with animals, nature and each other.

Nature on the Move

Feast or Famine – Sahara Desert: The rare Mali elephant undertakes the longest elephant migration on earth – a 300-mile circle around the heart of landlocked Mali in West Africa. Traversing the southern edge of the Sahara Desert, the only way to survive is to keep moving across the scorched earth – from water to water, food to food – both in desperately short supply. (Photo Credit: © Carlton Ward Jr. / CarltonWard.com)


Race to Survive – Botswana, Africa: The zebra migrations in Botswana – filmed by National Geographic Explorers-in-Residence Dereck and Beverly Joubert – see zebra family groups joining together to make the hazardous round trip, a journey that can take a toll on young mothers. (Photo Credit: © Beverly Joubert /National Geographic Stock)

Feast or Famine – Mexico: Long thought of as a terror of the shallowest waters, the great white shark is really one of the world’s greatest migrants. Its movements cover thousands of miles of open ocean each year from Hawaii to northern Mexico to reach an abundant feast 150 miles off the coast of Guadalupe, Mexico. (Photo Credit: © Raul Touzon/ National Geographic Stock)