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What’s the connection between cruelty to animals and domestic violence?

When: Monday, Feb. 28, at 1 p.m. ET
Where: Big Blend Radio

On Monday, I’ll be teaming up with some experts for a radio show that explores the connection between cruelty to animals and violence toward other humans. You can catch the show live here.

Does cruelty to animals lead to other kinds of violence? Most experts say yes. In some cities and counties, animal services departments are even required to report any case of domestic animal cruelty to the child protection departments. And it usually turns out it’s not just the dog or cat who’s being hurt.

It’s also assumed by many people that kids who are cruel to animals grow up to be violent toward other people. But the evidence is less clear on this one. One thing that’s proven is that every serial murderer on record began by doing it to the animals. But not that every kid who does something bad to animals turns out to be a really bad citizen.

I’d add, though, that while people who are cruel to animals may not all turn out to be serial murderers, they’re not the kind of people I’d want to associate with.

Take the prominent U.S. Senator who ran for president and had a history of doing cruel experiments on animals. Would you want him to be president? Not me!

Also with us on the show: Laura Allen of the Animal Law Coalition, and Dr. Christina Risley-Curtiss of Arizona State University’s Animal Human Bond program.

Join us on the radio for this interesting discussion.