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Dolphins Save Drowning Doberman

Neighbor alerted to emergency in canal

Eleven-year-old Turbo, a red Doberman, wandered away from his home on Marco Island, Florida, when the gate was left open.

His mom, Cindy Burnett, realized he was missing on Sunday night, and went driving around most of the night looking for him.

But Turbo wasn’t on the street anywhere; he was in the canal. And an 11-year-old dog can only last so long in the water, so if Turbo hadn’t had any help, he would surely have drowned.

But help was at hand – or rather at tail … as some dolphins came by to help Turbo.

One of Cindy’s neighbors heard the dolphins splashing their tails to sound the alert. The neighbor went outside and saw the dolphins with Turbo. She called 911 and then jumped in the water to get Turbo herself as the dolphins watched.

When all was well, they swam away.

Next morning Turbo was reunited with his family.