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Cat Burglar Caught Red-Pawed

By Zoe Crime Reporters

A security camera has finally got the goods on the cat burglar who’s been responsible for a three-year crime wave in the suburbs of San Mateo, California.

Residents wondered what was happening when their clothes, teddy bears and other small items started disappearing.

More than 600 things have gone missing from backyards in the neighborhood.

In fact, the burglar was known all along to his accomplices (make that his family!), as he also was to the victims of his nocturnal activities. He was none other than Dusty the cat.

After setting up a night-vision camera, his family recorded footage of him going out under the cover of night and dragging back his loot.

Dusty’s guardians, Jean Chu and Jim Coleman, say the cat’s record haul is 11 items in one night.

“He has taken towels, gloves, shoes, socks, toys…” admitted Jean.

Neighbors say he particularly favors female bathing costumes, and he was caught on camera swiping a bra.


Editor’s Note: Charming as this story is, we should note that it is not safe for housecats to be out at night. There are many kinds of wildlife hanging out in the suburbs, and Dusty is at risk from coyotes, owls and other animals. Check out this article from Zoe wildlife veterinarian Liz Stelow DVM for more about this.