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Kidnapped Dog Now Home

Two years later, Willie is back with his family

Willie was kidnapped two years ago from his home in Oregon. Last week, he came home.

The pit bull mix was stolen from his home in Roseburg and taken to the Yurok Indian Reservation near Crescent City, where he was badly abused before eventually being rescued by Yurok Tribal Police.

Willie was adopted by a family who had seen him online. The family took him to a vet for treatment, and that’s where where his micro-chip was discovered by the doctor.

Willie’s family in Oregon was contacted and picked him up from Folsom, California.

By the time Will got home, he’d been through several different names. The people who stole him named him Kane. At the shelter, after he’d been rescued, he was known as Marco. And the family who adopted him called him Rocky.

By whatever name, Willie is glad to be home.

And one of the morals of the story is surely: Make sure your pets are microchipped. Whatever may happen to them, it’s the best chance they have of finding their way back home.