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A Dog Being a Dog’s Best Friend

Sticking together when their world is turned upside down

Zoe Staff Report

In every natural disaster, war or other catastrophe, there are iconic images and videos that stay with us for years, decades or forever.

In the case of Japan’s tsunami, this video may be one of those indelible memories. Watch it just once and it’s hard not to be moved by the sight of this dog standing by his injured buddy – the only living beings amid the carnage that stretches into the distance.

Notice especially, how, as the injured dog stirs, his guardian puts a reassuring paw on his head.

The video was captured by two reporters from Fuji TV. At first, they think the dog is trying to scare them away. Then they realize he’s trying to get them to come and help his friend.

Soon after the video appeared, we heard from the Facebook page of a man called Kenn Sakurai, who runs a pet food business in Japan, that both dogs had been rescued and were safe. The injured dog, he said, had been taken to an animal hospital, and his buddy to a shelter. But there has been no confirmation of this yet – no photos of either dog at the shelter or hospital and efforts are continuing to verify the dogs’ safety.

The video prompted an outpouring of adoption offers from all over the world, and as and when both are safe and well, they will no doubt find a good home in Japan.

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