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Should Google Be Accountable for Apps?

A new app called Dog Wars, by Kage Games, was recently made available in the Google/Android market. Then it was renamed to KG Dogfighting. Google claims their motto is “Don’t Be Evil.” Clearly this game doesn’t support their culture.

So we asked our Facebook community:
Do you think Google should be held accountable for the apps that are created for the Android market? Or do the companies who create these apps have the right to sell these apps regardless of their content?

Thanks everyone for sharing.

I believe that Google should be held accountable for the apps that they sell. The companies creating the apps are going to create whatever they want, regardless of whether or not they are ethically or morally right. Google needs to take a stand against this sort of stuff. They should create a system of approval, and moderate all new apps coming onto the market.

~ Robyn Thomas Lisone

I believe if a company – Google or Amazon for example – sells or develops an item they need to be accountable for that item. If we are to promote and encourage a better world where we don’t advocate for senseless violence and cruelty then the companies who develop and sell these books, apps or games. Google should set the example of doing things for the right reasons. They should be speaking out against violence and abuse of anyone or anything: people, animals, our earth.

~ Shanyn Silinski

The beginning and the end of this whole thing is not about accountability per se. It’s about not being a hypocrite. Companies that make games of any kind have the right to market and sell their games any way they choose. On the other hand if the product does not reflect the beliefs or motto of the company I believe it’s that company‚Äôs duty to decline to sell the product (or change the motto). Perhaps a better motto for Google would be “Don’t be evil, unless it makes you a lot of money”…???

~ Carrie Warhus-Perkins

I agree completely with Carrie. The company who created the game is responsible for it, but as soon as Google decided to sell it, they also became accountable.

~ Leslie Cobb

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