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Too Hot? Get Used to It!

Climate specialists say this is just the start

Too hot? Too wet? Too much snow? Too many storms? Get used to it: this is what climate change is all about.

The facts are now indisputable: The Earth is warming up, and we humans are largely responsible.

Anyone still trying to persuade us otherwise should be held responsible for the suffering that’s being caused by the change in climate.

Even so, little or nothing is being done to adapt to the effects so far and to limit them in the future.

That means this is just the start. In most parts of the world, including here in the United States, it’s going to be getting hotter and wetter and snowier and stormier.

For a good understanding of what’s happening, check out this series of three articles in Scientific American:

1. Storm Warnings: Extreme Weather Is a Product of Climate Change. How the increasingly violent and frequent storms, once merely a prediction of climate models, are now a matter of observation.

2. Global Warming and the Science of Extreme Weather. How rising temperatures change weather and produce fiercer, more frequent storms.

3. Our Extreme Future: Predicting and Coping with the Effects of a Changing Climate. What needs to be done.

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