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Bird Flu Outbreak in Hong Kong

Just as a team of Dutch researchers are pushing to publish the details of how they created an easily-transmitted mutation of the deadly bird flu virus, H5N1 has struck yet again in Hong Kong.

Infections Are Becoming Untreatable

In case you’ve missed it so far, this is Get Smart About Antibiotics Week. That means the Centers for Disease Control is trying to warn us all about the danger that’s posed by our growing resistance to antibiotics.

Too Hot? Get Used to It!

Too hot? Too cold? Get used to it: this is what climate change is all about. The facts are now indisputable: The Earth is warming up, and we are largely responsible.

Polar Bear’s Longest Swim

A polar bear swims 426 miles non-stop for nine consecutive days in search of food – a record beyond anything ever seen or imagined. Why won’t the federal government list polar bears as endangered?

WikiLeaks Report on Bird Flu

One of secret cables published by WikiLeaks relates to plans regarding the possible spread of bird flu into the human population of New Zealand. Excerpts from…

Has the Aflockalypse Begun?

There are lots of theories about why birds have been falling out of the sky. But while it’s surely sad for the birds, what’s happening is small potatoes compared to what else is happening to animals around the nation and beyond

No Bang, No Whimper, No Vote

Seven years later, climate bill collapses in U.S. Senate It took seven years for a fairly straightforward, not-very-demanding energy conservation bill to die in the Senate…

Extinction Rates Multiply

Humans wiping out species at 1,000 times the natural rate Eight years ago, world governments made a pledge to bring to a halt the catastrophic loss…