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All Penguins, All Weekend!

Nat Geo Wild’s Penguin Palooza on TV

On Penguin Island, (Photo Credit: Penguin Island Nature Park)

Penguin lovers will enjoy the Penguin Palooza on Nat Geo Wild this weekend.

It’s wall-to-wall penguins from noon to 11 pm ET/PT on Saturday and Sunday Nov. 12 and 13.

Sunday’s highlight is the Oscar-winning March of the Penguins at 8 pm. Narrated by Morgan Freeman, it tells the real-life story of the treacherous journey thousands of emperor penguins make each year as they march single-file to their breeding grounds in Antarctica.

During the day, you can catch a penguin safari, three shows about Penguin Island, and Emperors on the Ice.

Saturday’s highlight is Arctic Tale at 8 pm. Narrated by Queen Latifah, it’s the coming of age story of a walrus pup and polar bear cub as they fight for survival in the Arctic wilderness. Armed with only their natural instinct and mothers’ guidance, these animals face countless challenges in a rapidly melting icebound world.