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Bunny Rescue Is No Hare-Brained Plan!

It’s a last-minute rescue for more some 2,000 rabbits who were due to be put down in Canmore, Canada, about 50 miles west of Calgary.

It all started many months ago when a few irresponsible people started dropping off their pets in parks and gardens.

And before you could say Bugs Bunny, there were hundreds of babies. To feed them, their parents were digging up plants and working their way through suburban lawns. And in August, the mayor of Canmore agreed to a plan to begin killing them all off.

Since then, rabbit rescuer Susan Vickery, of Victoria, B.C., has been trying to save them. But it was becoming too big a job, and the rabbits were multiplying faster than she could raise the support to help them.

Finally, a date was set for the beginning of the big kill: November 14.

But at the very last moment, the director of animal services for the nearby city of Calgary, Bill Bruce, stepped in.

“We have a really high-end clinic, and we can do as many as six surgeries at a time,” Bruce said.

Vickery calls it a miracle. She’s raised about $10,000 to help with the surgeries and then to relocate the rabbits to sanctuaries across the country.

For more information, here’s today’s report in Calgary Sun.