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The Bison Mark Zuckerberg Shot


Writer Kara Swisher in the conference room at Facebook

It’s hanging on the wall in the Facebook conference room that’s used by the company’s COO Sheryl Sandberg. All Things Digital correspondent Kara Swisher paid a visit:

Zuckerberg placed it there recently as a prank, to surprise his top exec with the installation of the very hairy bison when she was away from Facebook’s Silicon Valley HQ. And surprised she was when she got back and was faced with the creature, which pretty much takes up the whole room.

You’ll recall that Mark Zuckerberg announced that this year, as a personal challenge, he was going to set himself the task of killing all the animals he was going to eat.

Zuckerberg learned to hunt and got a gun license and has been killing – and subsequently eating – larger and larger animals.

He started with chickens, goats, and pigs, and a lobster, but moved to the massive bison as his biggest target.

According to Fortune magazine, the bourgeoning hunter shot and killed Billyin September.

And Billy didn’t even get his own Facebook page.