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Are You a Martian?

  Mars today, and how it may have looked in its early days with what astronomers believe was a large northern ocean. Ladies, you may not,…

James Gandolfini’s Last Supper: Foie Gras

James Gandolfini’s family quoted his autopsy as saying that the 51-year-old actor had “died of a heart attack, of natural causes.”

But there’s nothing “natural” about dying of a heart attack when you’re 51 years old. Especially when you read what Gandolfini had for dinner the night he died.

For the Love of Sloths

Monique Pool has up to 200 sloths at her sanctuary home in Paramaribo, Suriname. Outside of the city, the rain forest is being bulldozed for cattle…

Why You Lie Like an Ape

Next time someone catches you telling a small fib, just explain that, as one of the great apes, it’s just part of your cooperative nature. After…