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Army Investigating Sheep Beating Video

sheep-011912Military commanders in Afghanistan are now condemning the beating of a sheep to death by a U.S. Army soldier in front of a group of other laughing soldiers and children. Army Times reports that the Army’s Criminal Investigation Command has opened an investigation:

“We are aware of a video depicting the killing of a sheep,” the spokesman said. “The actions of those involved are not condoned or supported in any way. We are currently assessing the situation to determine more information.”

The video went largely unnoticed when it first appeared last November. But after the scandal of U.S. Marines desecrating the body of a dead Taliban soldier, Zoe, PETA and other organizations noted that the torture death of an innocent, living creature deserves far more attention.

In today’s Philly Post, for example, Christopher Moraff comments:

The blatant torturing of innocent animals for sport, however, reflects a level of sociopathy reserved for serial killers and aspiring dictators.