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  • What Really Sparked the War in Syria

    Satellite image showing Syria at focal point of Middle East drought. It’s horrific, intractable, seemingly endless … and quite possibly the shape of other wars to come.…

  • Battle Buddy Now Therapy Donkey

    “He was a battle buddy,” said Marine Col. John Folsom, who had brought the donkey home from Iraq. “And you don’t leave your battle buddy behind.”

    The Other Iraq War

    It’s the anniversary of the “shock and awe” invasion of Iraq. And while we’re all being reminded of the colossal cost of our ongoing wars and…

    Will Pentagon Abandon ‘Training’ on Animals?

    Congress has ordered the Pentagon to draw up a plan to phase out the use of animals in combat medical training – or, as the military calls it, “live tissue training.” (Sounds like how parents teach their children to blow their nose.) Sounds good. But will the Pentagon actually comply?

    Horses in the Civil War

    C. Kay Larson writes about the the role that horses played during the Civil War. The Southern cavalry was “a rich man’s undertaking,” but the Union purchased Morgans, “a uniquely American breed known for endurance, versatility, heart and courage.”

    It’s an interesting article, but it goes wrong in calling the horses “the real heroes.” Nonhumans are never the heroes of a war; they are always the victims. Here are some of the numbers.

    The Two Dogs in the Rose Bowl Parade

    Two dogs are featured in the Rose Parade today. One of them, Chuck, will be with conservationist Dr. Jane Goodall, who’s serving as the Grand Marshall this year.

    The other is Lucca, also a shepherd mix, who will be riding with Cpl. Juan Rodriguez. Lucca is a veteran of three deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan, and Rodriguez says he owes his life to her.