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Getting Humans to Dance for Food

They’re becoming like the bears who “dance” for tourists on the streets of various Asian countries. The tourists think it’s all very cute … but like every other kind of exploitation, what goes on behind the scenes is horrific.

In this case, it’s humans dancing, and it’s the latest tourist craze of southern India. On the Andaman Islands, the Jarawa tribe have lived in peace as an indigenous people for thousands of years. Now tour companies have “discovered” them and are running safaris through their rainforest homes every day.

Wealthy tourists pay the police to make the women, who are usually naked (at least from the waist up) dance for their amusement.

This footage, filmed by a tourist, shows Jarawa women being told to dance by an off-camera police officer.

Isn’t this exactly what we do to nonhumans, too? Turning them into exhibits for our entertainment.

Just wait for the tour companies to tell us that:

a) It’s “educational”

b) Helpful to the tribe because they’re “endangered”

c) The tribes-people really like it because they’re well looked after.

All of which is what the zoos tell us about the animals they’re exploiting for profit.

Here’s the report from The Guardian.