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Why We Should Kill Wolves!


Should wolves, once hunted almost to extinction, be taken off the endangered species list? Arguing that he and his kind should be allowed to kill them once again, John Gaither, the president of the Idaho County Sportsmen Club writes in the Idaho Mountain Express that 4,925 people have been reported killed by wolves since the year 1580.

“Is the shooting or trapping of wolves worse than the mauling and eating of our children? How many children do you think we should sacrifice to your wolf god? I pray to my god that you realize that the lives of people should always be put first.”

Five thousand people killed by wolves in the last 400 years. Truly shocking, and a good reason to get in our helicopters with high-powered guns and kill as many wolves as we can find.

And, yes, since “the lives of people should always be put first,” we recommend an urgent investigation as to which species has killed more people than any other – perhaps not even in the last 400 years but in just the last 400 days.

Umm, that would be humans. Will Mr. Gaither be calling for the elimination of that murderous species, too?