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Crying Wolf

They’re salivating at the prospect of a kill, stalking their prey in the wild, cunning and lethal … and we’re not talking about the wolves, but rather the wolf hunters. Five states – Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Minnesota and Wisconsin – are back in the business of killing wolves, and ’tis the season for hunters to be jolly.

Why We Should Kill Wolves!

Should wolves, once hunted almost to extinction, be taken off the endangered species list? Arguing that he and his kind should be allowed to kill them once again, John Gaither, the president of the Idaho County Sportsmen Club writes in the Idaho Mountain Express that 4,925 people have been reported killed by wolves since the year 1580.

Life Without Big Animals

What happens when we shoot the wolves, hunt down the elephants, harpoon the whales, fish out the salmon? The answer is: it’s really bad for us, not just for those animals. And if we needed proof, we now have it.