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The Week That Was: Floods, Steroids & Hollywood Stars


February 11, 2012, By Climate Central

We know you’ve been busy this week. So have we. Like you, we stayed up late to watch the New York Giants beat the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl — just as they did four years ago. And like you, we watched too many Super Bowl commercials. Who knew they’d cause such controversy?

Speaking of controversy, we’re sure you read how a federal appeals court in California ruled the state’s ban of same-sex marriage unconstitutional, moving that issue one step closer to the Supreme Court.

And speaking of one step closer, that’s what Rick Santorum was to Mitt Romney after Santorum swept all three Republican contests. Those wins in Minnesota, Colorado and Missouri may mean we’ve got a real horserace to watch the rest of the summer.

But that can wait. What can’t wait is our Week That Was at Climate Central. It’s all here for you, the best of the best in a week that featured floods, but not snow, the climate on steroids and a few Hollywood stars.

Monday, Feb. 6

hero_harmon_manning_superbowlXVLI-140x86[1]Super Bowl is Coming Out Party for this Snowless Winter
The Super Bowl in Indianapolis capped this snowless winter’s coming-out party. Thanks to the winter that wasn’t, Indy was a big hit. Temperatures in the city averaged approximately 25 degrees higher than normal. Full Story

Glacier Thief Arrest in Chile
Climate change skeptics have acquired a new explanation for why glaciers are retreating: it’s not global warming, it’s theft. Police in Chile have arrested a man on suspicion of stealing five tons of ice from the Jorge Montt glacier in the Patagonia region to sell as designer ice cubes in bars and restaurants. Full Story

Tuesday, Feb. 7

hero_harmon_brooklynbridge1-140x86[1]What’s Causing the Deadly Cold in Europe?
The weather pattern responsible for bringing the frigid air to Europe and Eurasia, and locking it in place, is being driven in part by a naturally-occurring pattern of climate variability known as the Arctic Oscillation. Full Story

No, You Weren’t Hallucinating: January Was Really Warm
As it does every month, NOAA has released U.S. weather stats for the month just ended, and the results will come as a huge shock — if you’ve been hiding in a subterranean cave, at least. Full Story

Wednesday, Feb. 8

video_harmon_steroids_660-140x91[1]Video a Home Run on Steroids, Baseball & Climate Change on Steroids
This video from the National Center for Atmospheric Research explains how greenhouse gases have a similar impact to steroids in a baseball player, which increase the chances of hitting a home run, but don’t guarantee that each home run was caused by steroid use. Watch the Video

Climate Change a Growing Risk for U.S. Water Supplies
Water supplies are sensitive to a lot of different factors, including extreme weather and an evolving climate. As global temperatures rise, regional changes could have a growing impact on access to clean water. Full Story

Thursday, Feb. 9

hero-dog-bites-man-140x86[1]Challenge of Making Climate Change News Sound Newsy
In the face of public confusion, it’s clearly important for journalists to keep talking about climate change. But how do we make it feel fresh when it’s really been the same story, more or less, since the 1980’s? Full Story

Is Global Warming Hot Again in Hollywood?
New projects abound with climate change themes, including J.J. Abrams’ “Revolution”, which was just picked up by NBC, and an indie-science flick called “Snow Piercer” that is slated to star Tilda Swinton. Full Story

Friday, Feb. 10

hero_harmon_flood-140x86[1]U.S. Flood Warnings at Risk as Cuts to Critical Gauges Loom
Cuts to the USGS stream gauge network threaten to undermine the accuracy of flood forecasts and warnings. The timing of such cutbacks couldn’t be any worse. Global warming is increasing the frequency and severity of heavy rainfalls in the Northern Hemisphere, tilting the odds in favor of extreme events. Full Story

How a Hardware Store in Brooklyn Canceled Winter
It’s safe to assume that the hardware store in Brooklyn that taunted the snow gods with a winter-warning sign is to blame for our non-winter. Full Story

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