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When Paradise Turns Deadly

The gentle creek that flows down Water Canyon turned deadly this week as it exploded into a flash flood killing 15 people, most of them children.…

Flash Flood!

It’s an El Niño year, and so despite the fact that we’re in a long term drought here in the Southwest, it’s been a rainy summer.…

Why Boulder, Colorado?

With huge floods in Colorado, fires in California, twin hurricanes on the two coasts of Mexico, and all the other weather catastrophes of the summer season,…

Dog to the Rescue!

As more and more of Europe was awash in floods last month, it could be difficult to get around. Especially if you were in a wheelchair.…

How the Seas Will Eat Coastal Cities

The results are from a study by Climate Central. And while we simply don’t know whether we’ll escape with just two feet or be washed away by a seven-foot increase, either way it’s really bad news for our coastal cities. According to the report:

Get Out Your Biggest Umbrella!

For anyone who still has their ostrich head buried in the snow, here’s yet another study saying that the climate is changing and even more wacky weather is on the way.