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Barbie Doll Is SeaWorld Trainer


How grotesque is this? Mattel’s latest Barbie doll is a SeaWorld trainer:

With this Barbie I Can Be SeaWorld Trainer Nikki Doll and Playset
Nikki doll wears her uniform wetsuit and waist pack where she can store fish food for the animals; a whistle and toy are additional training tools. The set comes with a whale and dolphin – both squirty toys – that can be attached to the included fish pool. Turn the crank to spin the sea animals and wow the crowd! Some assembly required. Ages 3 and up.

Several people in the animal protection world have been asking, with black humor: “Does Barbie come with a detachable arm?”

That, of course, refers to the fact that SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau was dragged into the water, and killed and dismembered by the enraged orca Tilikum last year.

For many years, Mattel has been in the good books of the animal rights world. Barbie has been fur free and has delivered animal protection messages.

What kind of a devil’s deal has SeaWorld made with Mattel? Whatever it is, hopefully it’s not too late for the toymaker to back out of it.