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Rescued Crow Now Family Friend

When a family in Ottawa found a baby injured crow, they took him home. When he was back in good health, they released him. But by then he’d made friends with the Renauds – mom, dad, the kids and the cats. and while he’s free as a bird, he keeps coming “home” to visit.

When Livia and Zachary go to school, Walter, as they call him, hops along beside them. He hangs out in the trees, and swoops over at recess to play.

Check out this delightful video. Crows and ravens are among the smartest of birds, and there are many anecdotes of how they’ve bonded with humans.

And remember, too, that if you find an injured animal anywhere, the first thing to do is to call your local wildlife rehab person. If you don’t know one, you can ask your local humane society, a veterinarian or animal control to direct you to one. (And be sure to check that they follow a no-kill philosophy and that they’re going to save the bird, not kill her.)