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Crows Rolling in the Snow

If you thought the crow who goes snowboarding was just a one-off, this video, also from Russia, would seem to say otherwise. Or maybe it’s just…

Rescued Crow Now Family Friend

When a family in Ottawa found a baby injured crow, they took him home. When he was back in good health, they released him. But by then he’d made friends with the Renauds – mom, dad, the kids and the cats. and while he’s free as a bird, he keeps coming “home” to visit. Check out this delightful video.

The Crow Who Goes Snowboarding

Can anyone doubt that this crow is simply having a great time in the snow with his/her “snowboard”? This amateur video, shot from a high-rise window in Russia, speaks volumes about a crow’s inner life. That it is play is undeniable. And there’s much more: tool use, planning, the emotion of fun.

Crows Can Use Mirrors to Find Food

Would you be able to find something if you could only look at it through a mirror? Crows can. This puts them among a small group of species, including humans, dolphins, chimpanzees, elephants and magpies, who have been shown to be able to process mirror information.

The Birds Are Watching!

Movie director Alfred Hitchcock may have had it right: The birds are watching us. Crows, in particular, keep watch on you if they think you’re out to get them or their family. And they never forget your face.