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How to Get Your Green Card?


This little sweetheart stowed away inside a freight container for the 6,400-mile, three-week voyage from the Philippines to Los Angeles. [readon]

As you can imagine, when she arrived she was “very weak and frail,” according to L.A. Animal Services director Marcia Mayeda.

Pinay, as she has been named (it’s a common Philippine word for girls), has just come out of quarantine and will soon be ready for adoption. Mayeda says that potential adopters should have “considerable experience dealing with skittish cats … she needs a calm, loving family to help her transition.”

It’s almost a year since another kitty, Ni Hao, came ashore in L.A. after stowing away for three weeks in a shipping container from China. He’s now living “happily ever after” in Redondo Beach.

Maybe not the best way to get your Green Card, but you’re certainly guaranteed a home that makes up for whatever went before.