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Porcupines – the Nice and the Naughty


The ridiculously cute and chatty porcupine Kemosabe in his tree fort at the Animal Wonders sanctuary in Montana: [readon]

Animal Wonders cares for animals  who have been displaced from their homes, retired from zoos, or illegally “owned” by private collectors.

Meanwhile, at the Wetheriggs Animal Sanctuary in England’s Lake District, two of three porcupines who had been rescued and brought there in July, went AWOL a few days ago, and hikers in this famous national park are being warned to steer clear of them – especially in the evening since porcupines are largely nocturnal.


Porcupines defend themselves by charging backwards and spiking you with their quills. Being swatted by a porcupine is no fun, as any inquisitive dog (or indeed this young raven!) will tell you.