A new relationship with animals, nature and each other.


Animals in Japan Face Gangsters and Radiation
A new phase in the rescue operation

Kinship Circle Rescues Animals in Japan
Evacuations by radiation zone leave more animals in need

Sheltie Dogs Rescued from Japanese Radiation Zone
Rescue group brings 20 of them to safety

Dog Found on Floating Wreckage Now Reunited
“I recognized her immediately,” says her dad

When the Rescued Become the Rescuers
In Japan, some special dogs comb the wreckage

Helpless, Homeless, Waiting for Rescue
Grassroots effort is backbone of rescue and relief teams for animals

A Dog Being a Dog’s Best Friend
Sticking together when their world is turned upside down

A Pet’s Life in Japan in 2011
Better than it used to be, and getting better

Cat Island Continues to Bring Good Fortune
The island of Tashirojima was in the path of the tsunami, but escaped most of the damage

Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue
Local rescue groups send team to quake zone

How You Can Help the Effort in Japan
As survivors flee, requests for help with animals left behind

Animal Refuge Kansai (ARK)
Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue & Support (JEARS)
Donate to Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support
Japan Cat Network
Animal Garden Niigata
World Vets
Crisis Response for Japan
Japanese Red Cross
Japan Animal Trust
Kinship Circle